Favorable Weather Conditions Moderate Ryan and Silver Creek Fires

The Ryan and Silver Creek Fires have been managed by a National Incident Management Organization (NIMO) since September 29, 2018. NIMOs are not time-limited and can provide long-term management of incidents, which provides consistency for local communities. The Ryan and Silver Creek Fires are currently the priority incidents in the Rocky Mountain Region and the NIMO team are sharing resources between the fires as appropriate.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Ryan and Silver Creek Fires Experience Second Day of Active Fire Due to Red Flag Conditions

Ryan Fire Current Situation: Red flag weather conditions returned to the fire at approximately 3 p.m. on Sunday resulting in increased fire activity on both the north and south side of the fire. The fire moved north aggressively around Bear Mountain causing the Carbon County Sheriff’s office to evacuate several homes in the Skyline area of Wyoming.... Continue Reading