Laramie News

Upcoming Street Closures

Cedar Street will be closed from Curtis Street south to Clark Street for construction of a new intersection and installation of traffic lights as part of the Harney Street Bridge construction project.  The closure will begin 7 am Monday May 7th and expected to last until June 11th.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Town-Gown Survey to Gauge Connections, Opportunities for Growth

The Laramie Town Gown Association (LTGA) is conducting a baseline survey of people in Laramie, including community members, students at the University of Wyoming, Laramie County Community College’s Albany County campus and WyoTech. The LTGA is a partnership among the City of Laramie, Albany County, UW, LCCC-Albany County Campus, WyoTech and the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming (Albany County).... Continue Reading
Laramie News

Ice Danger

The Laramie Parks & Recreation Department is notifying the public about unsafe ice conditions in and around Labonte Lake and Huck Fin Pond. Changing weather conditions, increased aquatic vegetation and lake aerators cause  dangerous ice conditions to exist.  Signs have been posted at both locations alerting the public to “keep off ice,” please be advised that it is possible for people and pets to break through the ice risking injury to life and limb.... Continue Reading
Laramie News

Snow Removal 101

As the snow begins to fly, remember it is the property owner’s responsibility for snow removal on adjacent sidewalks. If you’re renting, chances are you are also responsible for snow removal as part of your lease agreement. It’s best to shovel sidewalks as soon as possible after a snowfall to make the job easier.... Continue Reading