Laramie News

5th Tuesday Ward Meetings

Meet with your City Council representatives Tuesday, May 29th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Ward 1: Andi Summerville, Charles McKinney, Phoebe Stoner Fire Station #3, 2374 Jefferson Street Ward 2: Dave Paulekas, Jayne Pearce, Joe Shumway City Hall, Council Chambers, 406 Ivinson Ave.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Would you Like to Run for City Council?

Here’s your chance to demonstrate civic responsibility by considering running for a position on Laramie’s City Council. If you’ve been considering making a difference in the future of your home, the city of Laramie, then you should know that completed applications may be filed in the City Clerk’s office at 406 Ivinson St between May 12th and May 27th, 2016, along with the $25 filing fee.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

2016-17 Laramie Youth Council Program is Accepting Applications

2016 – 2017 will be the second school year program for the Laramie Youth Council (LYC). The LYC was created to increase awareness and involvement of Laramie area youth in local government, community service, and relevant issues facing today’s youth. Youth Council members will engage in local government operations through departmental tours, special presentations, and attending City Council, School Board, and Legislative Session meetings.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Community Partners Presentations Today Tuesday 2-23-16

The City of Laramie and Albany County, through their annual budget making processes, provide funding opportunities to local community partner organizations. Community Partners organizations (previously known as outside agencies) receiving municipal and/or county funds do not operate within the formal structure of city or county governments, but may use fiscal support from these governments to achieve their missions or fund special projects.... Continue Reading