UW Students Create Computer Model To Determine Surface Shade and Measure Snowmelt in Colorado River Basin

UW Photo December 12, 2013 — In an attempt to measure snowmelt in a mountainous region northwest of Boulder, Colo., two University of Wyoming students are determining surface shade through a computer model they’ve created. They hope their high-performance computing research eventually can be scaled up for use on Mount Moran, UW’s high-performance computing cluster, and be a useful tool for modeling solar radiation for the entire Upper Colorado River Basin.... Continue Reading

UW Wrestling Facilities Set for Significant Renovations

UW Photo LARAMIE, Wyo. (Dec. 9, 2013) Thanks to a generous financial pledge from several UW athletics supporters, the University of Wyoming wrestling program will begin a project to significantly renovate its facilities. Private donations from several benefactors, including a former UW wrestler, will allow improvements to the wrestling facilities, starting this winter.... Continue Reading