UW Students Create Computer Model To Determine Surface Shade and Measure Snowmelt in Colorado River Basin

UW Photo December 12, 2013 — In an attempt to measure snowmelt in a mountainous region northwest of Boulder, Colo., two University of Wyoming students are determining surface shade through a computer model they’ve created. They hope their high-performance computing research eventually can be scaled up for use on Mount Moran, UW’s high-performance computing cluster, and be a useful tool for modeling solar radiation for the entire Upper Colorado River Basin.... Continue Reading

Wyoming Conservation Corps on Hold

December 10, 2013 — The Wyoming Conservation Corps (WCC) is not accepting project proposals for the 2014 summer season while administrators work to establish a more sustainable funding system to support the program. Administered by Residence Life and Dining Services (RLDS) in the University of Wyoming Division of Student Affairs, WCC is a grant-supported program that engages students in conservation-based projects throughout the state.... Continue Reading

UW Wrestling Facilities Set for Significant Renovations

UW Photo LARAMIE, Wyo. (Dec. 9, 2013) Thanks to a generous financial pledge from several UW athletics supporters, the University of Wyoming wrestling program will begin a project to significantly renovate its facilities. Private donations from several benefactors, including a former UW wrestler, will allow improvements to the wrestling facilities, starting this winter.... Continue Reading