Butch Cassidy Festival Today

Wyoming Territorial Prison Enjoy the Butch Cassidy Festival today at the Wyoming Territorial Prison!  Today’s event features the opening of the new exhibit: Butch Cassidy: Who Was That Guy?  The new exhibit ceremony including a ribbon cutting runs 10am to noon followed by family fun activities, food vendors, and more until 5:30pm. ... Continue Reading
Laramie News

UW Trustees Plan Special Meeting Monday

The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting at 8 a.m. Monday, June 16, by teleconference to take action on a number of construction-related and other matters. Among the items on the agenda is selection of construction managers at-risk for the planned High Bay Research Facility and Corbett Pool expansion and renovation, along with the architect/engineer for the second phase of Arena-Auditorium improvements.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

New Butch Cassidy Exhibit to open at the Wyoming Territorial Prison

This weekend the during the Butch Cassidy Festival the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historical site will cut the ribbon on a new, one-of-a-kind exhibit, Butch Cassidy: Who was that guy?   Superintendent Deborah Amend recently visited the studios of Hits 106 and spoke not only about the new exhibit but gave a brief taste of the events occurring this weekend at the Wyoming Territorial Prison.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Busy as a Bee

Photo Courtesy of Rene Sollars Waggle, waggle, waggle.  Turn to the right.  Waggle, waggle, waggle.  Turn to the left.  What does all that mean?  Well in bee-speak it means, “Hey sisters, there’s a really nice patch of dandelions 5 doors to the south!... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Laramie Mural Project Public Event Friday

Laramie Mural Project artists and donors will be thanked at “Fishening,” a public event Friday, June 13, from 5-7 p.m. in the parking lot located between First and Garfield streets. The Laramie Mural Project is a collaborative effort among the University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie Main Street Alliance, downtown business owners and local artists.... Continue Reading