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Northern Rockies Skies for August

A monthly look at the night skies of the northern Rocky Mountains, written by astronomers Ron Canterna, University of Wyoming; Jay Norris, Challis, Idaho Observatory; and Daryl Macomb, Boise State University. One of the most beautiful nighttime visions is a full view of the hazy Milky Way on a clear, dark Rocky Mountain night.... Continue Reading

July 26th is The National Day of the Cowboy

Saturday, July 26th is the tenth annual National Day of the Cowboy.  First formed in July 2005, the mission of the National Day of the Cowboy non-profit organization is to contribute to the preservation of America’s Cowboy heritage so that the history and culture can be shared and perpetuated for the public good through education, the arts, celebrations, gatherings, rodeos and community activities.... Continue Reading