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UW Art Museum’s ‘Art from the Grocery Aisles’ Exhibition Ends Saturday

The final day to see the University of Wyoming Art Museum exhibition, “Stocked: Contemporary Art from the Grocery Aisles,” is Saturday, May 31. Shopping carts, candy wrappers, grocery lists, paper bags, milk bottles and cereal boxes — these often overlooked items emerge as objects for artistic investigation in “Stocked: Contemporary Art from the Grocery Aisles.” The exhibition presents the work of contemporary artists who take the grocery store and consumption of its products as their subjects.... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Flooding Continues in Southeast Wyoming

Photo Courtesy of the 133rd Engineer Company Wyoming National Guard Water is at record levels, higher than seen since the 1980s, due to recent storms, snow showers and warm weather conditions. Above normal temperatures through much of this week will cause snow to melt rapidly  in the mountains of southeast Wyoming, often faster than streams and river basins can handle.... Continue Reading
Laramie News

Fire In Historic Downtown Laramie

WCRB Photo – John Phillips Tranquility in Historic Downtown Laramie was disrupted in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 24, 2014 by a significant structure fire. The fire, reported at approximately 4:30 AM, occurred in the 400 block of South Second Street.... Continue Reading

March AGAINST Monsanto

MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO in Laramie, Wyoming.  This non-violent family oriented event is Saturday, May 24th, 2014 in Washington Park on the South West Side ( Bandshell ) starting at 10AM and finishing at 2PM.  HUGE THANKS to Big Hollow Food Co-op for Sponsoring with Fruit and Water! ... Continue Reading
Albany County News

Leave Newborn Wildlife Alone

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department urges people who find young animals this spring to leave these wildlife newborns alone. Most mammal mothers hide their young and return to them periodically to nurse. People finding these young mammals often assume these newborns have been abandoned, but this is almost never the case.... Continue Reading
Laramie News

The Cowboy Joe Club has announced the hiring of Kelsea Vickrey as an Athletics Development Officer.

Two new exhibitions open at the University of Wyoming Art Museum Saturday, May 24 — “Cyrus Baldridge: An American Artist in China” and “New Acquisitions: UW Art Museum Collection.” “Cyrus Baldridge: An American Artist in China” presents a selection of works from the UW Art Museum’s permanent collection that were completed during the artist’s journeys in Asia, where he sketched and painted the people and the landscape.... Continue Reading