Albany County Covid 19 Vaccination Update

Photo Source: Public Health Image Library

This public service announcement is provided by Albany County Public Health to provide current information on the  status of COVID-19 vaccination efforts in our community. 

As of March 1, 2021, Individuals within Phase 1b, priority groups 7-9 are now able to schedule their vaccination  appointment. Individuals within these groups include:  

✓ Public transit employees 

✓ Those with the following conditions: cancer, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary  disease, solid organ transplant, sickle cell disease, down syndrome, diabetes, heart conditions,  obesity (BMI over 30), immunocompromised state, severe neurologic conditions (stroke/dementia)  and pregnancy 

✓ Grocery store employees, commercial meat processing employees, feedlot employees, other food  supply chain facility employees, and food manufacturing companies with 25 or more employees ✓ People on the Wyoming Medicaid Community Choices Waiver and Developmental Disabilities  waivers  

✓ US Postal Service employees and delivery service companies (such as FedEx and UPS) likely to  have more than 15 minutes of exposure to members of the public; clinical laboratory specimen  courier employees 

• Individuals within all prior phases are still able to schedule vaccination appointments. 

Please call (307) 766-8222 to your vaccination appointment unless it has already been scheduled through your place  of employment. Individuals who are not included in Phase 1b subgroup 7-9, should sign-up for My Health  Connection at The My Health Connection is Ivinson Memorial Hospital’s patient portal where registered participants will receive local vaccine updates. If you already have a My Health  Connection account, you are on the Albany County Vaccination list.  

Walmart and Pole Mountain Pharmacies have received a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines. This week, Pole  Mountain Pharmacy will utilize their incoming vaccine shipment to host a Rapid Vaccine Event on Thursday March 4  and Friday March 5. This event will be held at the Old Armory, located on 30th Street. Appointments can be  scheduled online at The Vaccine Call Center will be available to  help those needing assistance at 307-766-8222. If you are currently scheduled to receive your vaccine at a later date  and are able to secure an earlier appointment, you can cancel your original appointment with staff at the rapid event. 

Dr. Jean Allais, Albany County Health Officer, is encouraging everyone eligible to get vaccinated to do so to protect  yourselves, your neighbors and your community. For more information please call (307) 766-8222. Walmart is  following federal distribution guidelines visit for more information.