Washington Park Tree Pruning

By: Chris Luczkow

City of Laramie Parks Division will be closing the Washington Park playgrounds to prune large cottonwoods growing around the play areas and surrounding sidewalks. Parks Staff will be using an 85-foot lift to remove branches that have been identified as potential hazards.

Equipment will be in and around the area and signage will be placed at the location to warn the public of the hazard to pedestrians and park users. Pruning operations will begin Tuesday February 23, 8:00am and go until Sunday February 28 if needed. Please avoid this area until the pruning is completed.

For further information please contact Scott Hunter, Parks Manager at 721-5257; SHunter@cityoflaramie.org or Randy Overstreet, City Arborist at 721-5338; Roverstreet@cityoflaramie.org.