City Of Laramie Snow Removal Ordinance Reminder

From The City Of Laramie:

The City of Laramie would like to encourage everyone to keep the sidewalks adjacent to their property clear of snow, ice, and other debris. This is extremely important for the safety of pedestrians, mail carriers, and emergency responders.

Please be neighborly and shovel your sidewalk as soon as you can after a snowfall. It is best (and easiest) to shovel just after the snow lets up and before pedestrians walk on the sidewalk—compacting it into a heavier, denser snow and ice mixture. If you  are away for any period of time during the snowy season, please be a good neighbor and ensure that someone is available to shovel those sidewalks in your absence.

If you have questions, you may refer to Section 12.08.020 of the City of Laramie Municipal Code or call the Laramie Code Enforcement Inspector at (307) 721-5285.

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