2021-22 City/County Community Partner Organization Outside Agency” Funding Request Application Available Online

The City of Laramie and Albany County provides funding opportunities to local non-profit  organizations through their annual budget-making processes. Historically known as “Outside Agencies” or  “Community Partners,” organizations receiving municipal and county funds do not operate within the  formal structure of city or county governments but may utilize support from these entities to achieve their  missions, or to fund special projects. Community Partner organizations should have a strong presence  within the community and provide vital services or activities that improve the community. Organizations  receiving Community Partner funding have typically fallen within the following three categories:  Recreational/Arts and Culture, Social Services and Civic or Quasi-Governmental. 

Recreational/Arts and Culture organizations are generally defined as those that exist to promote,  sustain, and develop recreational, cultural and leisure activities within the community. Previous awardees  in this category include the Laramie Plains Museum, Laramie Depot, Laramie Public Art Coalition and Relative  Theatrics. 

The primary objective of the Social Service agencies that receive funding through the Community  Partner program is to support or engage in activities or programs designed to enhance the wellbeing of  individuals and families within the community. Laramie Reproductive Health, the Downtown Clinic, Climb  Wyoming and Interfaith-Good Samaritan are among the traditional awardees in this funding category.  

Civic or Quasi-Governmental Organizations have been established to work for the overall improvement,  advancement, and economic health of the community through working collaboratively with the City of  Laramie or Albany County on shared goals, concerns and interests. The Albany County Public Library and  Laramie Regional Airport are example awardees in this funding category. 

The deadline for application submittal is Monday, February 22, 2021. Applications can be downloaded at  the City of Laramie website, https://www.cityoflaramie.org/188/Grants-Partner-Funding. Albany County  specific questions can be directed to Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales: 307-721-5533 or  JGonzales@co.albany.wy.us. 

For additional information, please contact Nancy Oakland-Potter at noaklandpotter@cityoflaramie.org