ACSD #1 School Board Approves Re-Opening Plan

By: alamosbasement

As long as there is not a big spike in Covid-19 cases here in Albany County, it is expected students would return to school for in person education beginning August 26th. This is the plan approved by the school board during a meeting on Thursday that’s been handed off to the Wyoming Department Of Education for approval. Though the school board does say details could change depending on circumstances.

School board chair Janice Marshall said, “There is no final plan under the conditions were in”.  Revisions and adjustments to the plan are to be expected even after the school year begins.

Students will be required to wear masks during classes, this goes even further then the previous plan that said masks would only be required when social distancing wasn’t possible.

School board member Jason Tangeman said he supported the more stringent mask wearing requirement for students so they could return to attending school 5 days a week

Dr. Jubal Yennie said clearer guidelines need to be created on when a student must stay home and when they can return to school since it can be hard to differentiate between the common cold and the Corona Virus.

Students who wish to take classes virtually can and will get the same level of classroom instruction. Teachers who work from home will not face any adverse affects to their pay and about 20 teachers have requested to do so.

Dr Yennie says if a student does not want to wear a mask, they should stay home and choose the virtual learning option. The plan on reopening for ACSD makes it clear that a student must comply with the health and safety requirements to attend in person classes.