Operation Shoe: Help Laramie Foster Closet Provide Shoes To Kids!

Picture courtesy of The Curiosity shoppe.

Laramie Foster Closet has teamed up with Laramie’s only locally owned radio station Hits 106 along with locally owned businesses The Curiosity Shoppe & Sweet Pickles Childrens Store. Our goal is to help kids in foster care lace up with a new pair of shoes so they can go back to school with confidence this year.

It can be a big morale booster for a child to show up to school in an awesome pair of shoes. We’re asking for the community to stop by The Curiosity Shoppe, 206 South 2nd or Sweet Pickles, 117 East Ivinson and take a shoe tag off the the tree.

Each shoe tag will have a child’s initials, gender, age and shoe size on it. You then go buy a pair of shoes and return to the store where you got the shoe tag, placing the shoe tag with the shoes under the tree. No need to wrap or box the shoes.

Shoes NEED to be under the trees by August 17th so they can be distributed to children in foster care, in time for school.

Get the latest updates on Laramie Foster Closet by going to their facebook page, which also has a link to their website