COVID-19 Case Numbers Rise Across The State As Hospital Capacity Remains Stable

Photo Source: Public Health Image Library

Wyoming recorded 161 new lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 between July 3-9 and is averaging 25 lab-confirmed cases per day over the past two weeks. As of July 10, Laramie, Fremont and Natrona counties have the highest number of active cases, while Fremont, Uinta and Teton Counties have the highest rate of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases per capita. Governor Gordon and the Wyoming Department of Health continue to strongly encourage the use of face coverings in public settings where physical distancing is not reasonable.

Albany County has reported 2 new lab confirmed cases in the last 24 hours as of July 10th at 11am with 5 probably cases. There are a total of 40 laboratory confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Albany County. There have been 28 total cases of Covid 19 that have recovered with 26 being lab confirmed and 2 being probable cases. To get updated county by county stats, visit this link and hover over the dot for the county you’re interested in.

The state’s hospital capacity remains stable, though there has been an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations over the past week. Wyoming hospitals are reporting 12 COVID-19 hospitalizations as of July 10. The percentage of tests that come back positive for COVID-19 remains steady at 2.9%, well below the national average of 9%.