A Reminder From The City: Maintain your Trees And Bushes That spill Over Into Alley Ways

Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner—officially, that’s June 20th! Trees are leafing out, grass is growing, and flowers are beginning to bloom. As beautiful as this may all be, it can create difficulties for City service staff to complete their work and maintain alleyways as the growth spills over and blocks their vehicles, sometimes causing damage. Please remember, property owners/managers and tenants are required to keep the alleys adjacent to their property clear of debris, offensive growth (e.g., long grass, weeds, and any other vegetation), as well as obstructions like rubbish, automobiles, and other items.

To ask a question or report overgrowth/obstructions in an alleyway, contact the City of Laramie Code Enforcement Inspector at (307) 721-5285.

(Ref. Municipal Code 12.16.040 and 8.28.030)

All trees or bushes in the alley must be trimmed even with the property line with no overhanging branches lower than 13 feet (reference 12.16)

Any other vegetation (weeds or grass) in the alley must be trimmed to a length of six inches or less. This includes all vegetation adjacent to the property line and half way into the alley (reference 8.28).