United Way Of Albany County Receives A Matching Donation And Continues To Fight The Coronavirus.

In response to the ongoing effects from the pandemic, the United Way of Albany County has continued raising money to go towards the COVID-19 Relief Fund. The nonprofit has been generously offered a matching donation of up to $10,000 from an anonymous donor. If the United Way of Albany County can raise half of the funds by June 1 st , $20,000 total will be donated to the relief fund.

The COVID-19 Relief Fund allocates micro grants to local nonprofits to help combat the spreading of Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

To date, the United Way has given over $54,000 to 77 grant requests from local nonprofits since the beginning of the COVID-19 Relief Fund in March. These nonprofits include member agencies and nonmember agencies alike because they are dedicated to helping everybody who may be suffering at this time.  The grants have provided funding for homemade masks, cleaning supplies, medications, fuel money to transport meals to people in need, remote work technology, rental assistance for people laid off, and
educational material about the virus.

The micro grants have also paid for motel rooms for COVID-19 positive individuals to help them self-isolate from their family. United Way plans to continue funding these projects like these that will definitely be coming their way. 

The United Way of Albany County recognizes that COVID-19 has taken a toll on the Laramie area, but the organ You can donate at the link below or mail a check to the address below:


710 E. Garfield Suite #240
Laramie, WY 82070