Making Changes Due To Coronavirus? We Can Help Spread The Word

Many small businesses are just beginning to see and feel impacts from the current coronavirus situation and many are making changes to normal operating procedures.  

If you have made changes to your normal operating policies such as offering curbside pick-up, delivery, or changes to business hours; we can help spread the word. 

We are currently offering a special of 50 :30 second ads for $100 (a $325 value) specifically for messaging related to coronavirus impacts and changes to your business operations.  

We are prepared to record your ad the same day including over the weekend and will get it on the air as soon as possible.  These ads can be used anytime now through the end of April and will air between 5am and 8pm.  

To setup a schedule for your business please email or call me on my cell at 307-399-1833.