New Aquifer Regulation Decisions Have Been Delayed

During a meeting on Monday, the Albany County Planning Commission voted against moving forward with the proposed revisions to the county’s Casper Aquifer Protection Plan.

The rules would make permits being issued contingent upon a property owners compliance with state and federal regulations, they would also prevent the expansion of a non conforming business like Tumbleweed Express, whose re-opening is allegedly one of the reasons Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent urged revisions.

The new revisions would’ve also required permits for certain developments atop the aquifer. Also included would be regulatory changes that would require both a 45 day public comment period and approval from The Albany County Commissioners.

The postponement on Monday means there isn’t enough time to allow regulatory changes, if advanced to be finalized by the time the temporary moratorium expires in early January. The planning board did not extend the moratorium on Monday even though they said they would consider it