Winter Weather Update As of 2:30pm Wed Oct. 9th.

The first bout of winter weather for Laramie and Albany County is nipping at our heals. We got an update at 2pm Wednesday October 9th during a conference call with the National Weather Service

The snow will start falling in Albany County area between 6 and 8pm with the total amount of snow 4 and 8 inches between tonight and tomorrow. It’s likely northern parts of Albany county will see closer to that 8 inch mark. The heaviest bands of snowfall for the Laramie area will likely occur between 9pm and 12midnight. One of the concerns is if the snow starts falling before temperatures drop below freezing the snow will melt and then freeze to the roads. Lows tonight around 10 with highs tomorrow around 20 and lows around 3. Windchills in the next 24 to 36 hours will be between 5 and 15 below zero. Temperatures begin to rebound near the weekend with mid 30s on Friday and upper 40s on Friday