7220 Laramie Mountain Bike Team Takes 2nd Place In Eagle, CO

The Laramie High School Mountain Bike Team, 7220 Racing Speedgoats, eclipsed 12 other teams to take second place in Division III of the Northern Colorado High School Conference Championship in Eagle, CO. Sophomore Isa Naschold took home another first place victory in JV girls, passing 33 riders throughout the course. Tristan Smith, also competing in the JV category, had a mechanical issue on lap one of three, resulting in one functioning gear. Nevertheless, Smith powered through with a close sprint at the finish, coming in third.

Of the 169 freshmen boys who competed in the division championship, Laramie Speedgoats Thomas McCoy took home a 32nd place finish, Austin Quillinan at 75th, and John Rose at 81st place. Ansel Visser finished 56th out of 142 sophomore boys. Senior Ethan Blaylock crashed and was unable to complete the race.

Founded in 2009, the Colorado High School Cycling League’s purpose is to build strong minds, bodies, and character, guided by the principles of inclusivity and equality, one pedal stroke at a time. This year, the league boasts 1,461 racers on 79 teams, divided into north and south conferences. 22 teams and almost 700 kids competed in the Northern Conference Championship. The 7220 team is composed of students from the Laramie High School and Middle School; not all students who practice with the team race in the Colorado league. The team is a program of Laramie BikeNet.

The Speedgoats had four racers qualify for the State Championships in Durango, CO, October 18-19: Isa Naschold, Tristan Smith, Ansel Visser and Thomas McCoy. Head Coach Cindy Dywan and Team Manager Rich Vincent will accompany the team to the Championship. 7220 Racing is seeking financial help to compete in Durango, CO. All Terrain Sports is matching donations to the team made in the store. Other local business are also assisting the team raising funds necessary to attend the state championship.