UW Trustees Vote To Proceed With Demolition And Construction

Earlier this week, the University Of Wyoming Board of Trustees voted to proceed with several parts of the work involved in constructing at least $300 million worth of dorms in the next several years. $1 million will be spent on renovating Hill Hall a vacant dorm into office space. Hill Hall will be used to house employees currently working in Wyoming Hall. In turn, Wyoming Hall will be demolished in the spring with employees moving to Hill Hall over winter break. Crane and Hill Halls were slated to be demolished but UW leaders think that it will be converted back to dorms eventually when the office space is no longer needed. The construction of a parking garage is to proceed as well. It will be on Ivinson directly south of Old Main. That parking garage is intended to hold people while the dorms are constructed as that work will eliminated about 600 existing parking spaces from the west side of 15th