City Of Laramie 2020 Fiscal Year Budget Unanimously Approved by City Council

During last nights city council meeting the 2020 fiscal year budget for the city of Laramie was approved by city council. There members of council absent and the 6 members of council all unanimously voted to approve the budget. No amendments were proposed to the fiscal year 2020 budget nor did any council members have any comments on the budget.

There were 4 amendments proposed to the budget during a May 28th meeting, but those were brought by city staff. The council approved adjusted budgets for each fund including solid waste, utility, recreation center, major capital construction and general funds.

The amended budget for the utility fund, which consists of wastewater and water funds totalled $60 million which included a $33 million adjustment. which includes almost $15 million to design and construct a water storage tank in north Laramie to improve water pressure and supply current residents along with future development.There were increases to the general fund in the area of the engineering department which saw a $1 million and general accounts got a $6million increase. Several counts within the general fund saw decreases including emergency medical services and public works administration