UWPD to Begin Bicycle Roundup Next Week

The University of Wyoming Police Department (UWPD) will conduct its annual bicycle roundup on campus starting next week.

Any bicycles that appear to be abandoned or are unregistered are subject to impound.

Bicycles can be registered at the police department, located at 1426 E. Flint St. Although bicycle owners can stop by anytime to register, it is recommended they bring their bikes to the front lobby between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The registration fee is $5, payable by cash or check.

“There are several reasons to register your bike, including university regulations,” says Jason Satkunam, UWPD senior dispatcher. “However, the most beneficial reasons are theft deterrence and recovery. When you register your bike, we gather all the necessary information needed to file a theft report, including the serial number. If the bike is stolen, then that information is entered into a national database where pawn shops and other law enforcement agencies have access.”

Bicyclists whose bikes get picked up during the roundup should call UWPD at 766-5179 to claim their bikes. They will have to pay a $5 impound charge and a $5 registration fee, if their bikes are unregistered.

All impounded bicycles that are unclaimed are sold at UWPD’s annual public auction, usually held during the first part of September.

For more information, call UWPD at 766-5179.