Tuition increase by UW could be partially put on hold

By: Tax Credits

The standard policy of a 4 percent tuition increase for instate and out of state students at UW could be put on hold, at least partially.

The Board of Trustees are going to vote next week on a proposal that would freeze tuition rates for instate students for the 2020-20212 academic year while increasing out of state tuition rates by 8 percent. The proposal also would add $1 million in need based aid for Wyoming students while ending the requirement for mandatory fee increases.

It is projected the in state enrollment would increase by about 75 students while decreasing out of state students by 84. It is also being proposed that there would be a reduction in the amount of out of state students who get tuition waivers through the Rocky mountain Scholars and Western Undergraduate Exchange programs. Most out of state students currently get at least some tuition discounts, with $6.2 million in tuition waivers handed out in the 2018 fiscal year

During the 2018 fiscal year, $23.5 million in institutional aid and $7 million in UW Foundation aid was given out.