Power Outage Affecting Laramie

As of 10:35 am Rocky Mountain Power has confirmed the cause of the outage as substation failure caused by a bird.  Power is now expected to be restored by 3 pm.

As of 9:55 am the cause of the power outage has been identified as a substation issue caused by animal interference.  The estimated time for power to be restored is still 10:30.

As of 8:50 am updated information indicates that the number of customers affected is as high as 7639 and the estimated time for repair was adjusted to 10:30 am.

As of 7:39 am on April 20, 2019 approximately 2300 customers in the Laramie Area were reportedly affected by a power outage.  The cause of the outage is under investigation with an estimated repair time of 10 am.

A reminder from the Laramie Police Department: If you are driving and come to an intersection where the traffic lights are not functioning, please treat this as a 4-way stop.

If you have questions about the power outage please call Rocky Mountain power at 888-221-7070.

Businesses Affected by the power outage:

  • Windy City Pet Store will be closed until power is restored


If you know of a business impacted by the outage please let us know so we can update this list.  Contact us here or send us a message on facebook.