Laramie City Council approves 6 of 8 recommendations from the Alcohol committee

By: Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker

During Tuesdays City Council meeting, the council had 8 proposals before them to consider from the Alcohol committee and 6 of those recommendations were approved.

One measure struck down was the measure that would prohibit drink specials after 10pm in which Council member Jessica Stalder said she didn’t think it was the city council’s place to tell private business owners as to wether or not they can offer drink specials.

Council member Erin O’Doherty moved to strike a recommendation that would increase fines given to underage drinkers trying to use a fake id. O’Doherty said from her understanding when talking to the city attorney and police chief is the fines are set by statute and didn’t think the city should be going there.

The six remaining recommendations which were unanimously approved by the Council at Tuesday nights meeting include reinstating the ad hoc committee in 2 years so the progress can be tracked, increasing LPD’s compliance checks, reviewing alcohol serving training requirements, increasing public education “on providing a dwelling” for underage drinkers. requiring licensees to attend two tavern meetings per year and including the implementation of a volunteer id scanner pilot program.