City Council Meeting regarding downtown parking and one way street proposals

By: Christopher Paquette

During a Wednesday night work session with city council, the city’s civil engineer Eric Milliken talked about what will happen when medians on Third Street are installed. These is just a few of the proposals being considered

The south median at Kearney Street would remain the same but the north median at Clark Street would be altered to address concerns from the community and it would also provide mobility for businesses who want outdoor space. Making all of downtown from Clark Street to Park Avenue one way couplet streets would add over 90 parkign spaces downtown. The changes there would largely involve signage and painting so the cost to the city would be low.

However, the majority of the parking spaces being added would be outside of the central part of downtown which is where it’s needed. Concerns brought up during the meeting last night were that parking is limited as it is and customers would get confused or miss stores with the new configuration. A few people brought up wanting to have bikes included in the plan and Milliken mentioned the use of sharrows, which indicated to vehicles that bicycles share the lane too.

Several business owners also commented that better enforcement of parking rules would help far more then one way streets.

The City slide show on exactly what was discussed at the meeting, complete with details and pictures can be seen in a PDF file at this link