Changes proposed to UW’s calendar

By: Dafne Cholet

Revisions are being proposed to the University of Wyoming’s school calendar. Honors College Dean Donal Skinner chaired the calendar committee that proposed giving students a full week off for Thanksgiving break while shortening winter break from 5 to 4 weeks and the spring semester beginning the day after Martin Luther King Day.

Also, in the past classes have either begun on either Monday or Wednesday but the proposed calendars would have classes always start on a Monday and galways 2 weeks from Labor Day. There would also be a 3 day weekend built into both the fall and spring semesters to make sure final exams occur in one single week, not two. A survey of students, faculty and staff is what has led to the proposal to shorter winter break.

The proposed calendar changes would go into effect in Fall 2020 and run through  Spring 2023. Interested parties have until April 26 to submit comments concerning the proposed change and trustees will finalize the calendars during their May meeting.