Get A FREE Safe Ride Home New Years Eve in Laramie!

The rides will be free!


It’s the 21st annual A-1 Safe Ride Safe Tow Home, New Years eve in Laramie 5pm to 3am. Call 760-1213 and they’ll take you where you need to go. You can call them even if you didn’t drive, but if you do drive they will make sure you and your care get home safe. This service is being offered for FREE. Just call 760-1213.  This is sponsored by A-1 Recovery & Towing, in loving memory of Cal Ray Candelaria and Nicholas Swett.

Snowy Range Taxi will also be offering free rides home to the Laramie Community New Years Eve. They will run from 6pm to 6am. All you have to do is call 343-2323. Donations are appreciated but not expected and the service is free.