Laramie Parks & Rec Department Activities

The Parks & Rec Department has lots of activities going on!

Here’s a look a some of the upcoming activities with the Laramie Parks & Rec Department. To register or get more info, you can go online to or call 721-5169


Snowplow Sam
These classes are designed for skaters ages 3-5 yrs. old. This unit gives the student room
to grow as a skater, while considering their well-being and security. Building a lifetime of
skating starts from the beginning. This class is designed to make sure your child has a great
experience to get them to come back!

Basic Levels
These levels are designed for skaters ages 6-18 yrs. old. This unit covers skaters that are
new to the ice as well as experienced skaters. Skater who are coming from the Snowplow
Sam unit will begin at either Basic 2 or 3 after assessments.

Learn to Skate Hockey Age: 3-16 years
This class is designed for the hockey skater with little to no experience. Upon completion
of this level, some of the skills that the skater will be able to execute will be proper hockey
stance, two-foot glides, forward swizzles and double c-cuts. Once the skater masters these
skills they will be ready to transition into the Laramie Amateur Hockey Club Initiation
Program. Please inquire at the Front Desk for information on LAHC! Note: Registration will
open Aug 1st and close the first day of each session. Participants are encouraged to wear
long socks, warm clothes, & gloves! No class week of 11/20- 11/25 for Thanksgiving Break!

Free Drop in Fitness Classes with your Membership!
Join us any day of the week for our fun class offerings—including water aerobics, XaBeat,
Revolutions, Body Power or Hardcore TBT. There is sure to be a class that fits your
schedule and fitness level! Visit to view our current fitness
schedule and to check on holiday closures and cancellations. Make sure to come early to
ensure a spot in the class as they fill up quickly.

Drop-In Basketball – Age: 16 years & up
We reserve the West Court at the Laramie Recreation Center for pick-up basketball on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6am – 8am, and Sundays from 2pm – 4pm.
Pinnies and basketballs are available at the front desk to check out. Free with Membership
or Day pass.