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Laramie Parks News

Parks crews will be fertilizing turf in all Park locations the week of December 2nd, be aware of the equipment as the crews spread the fertilizer. After fertilizer has been applied, irrigation systems will be winterized. Drinking fountains have been shut off due to cold temperatures at night.... Continue Reading
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Mailing deadlines for Christmas

If you want to send something to a friend or loved one for the holiday, it’s pretty important you get it out on time.  The United States Postal Service shares this information with us   INTERNATIONAL MAIL: Priority Mail International needs to be mailed by December 8th Priority Mail Express International needs to be mailed by December 15th Global Express Guaranteed needs to be mailed by December 20th   DOMESTIC MAIL First Class Package Service-Retail & Priority Mail needs to be mailed out by December 20th Priority Mail Express needs to be mailed out by December 22nd   USPS Customer Service is available by phone at 1 (800) ASK-USPS  ... Continue Reading
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December UW Planetarium Schedule

Programs in December at the University of Wyoming Harry C. Vaughan Planetarium focus on the far corners of the universe and how astronomers discover what’s out there. “As 2018 comes to a close, shows at the UW Planetarium look deep into the furthest corners of our universe to see what there is to discover and how astronomers discover it,” says Samantha Ogden, the planetarium’s coordinator.... Continue Reading