Vandalism in Undine Park – Causes Impact on the City’s Budget

Vandalism in Undine Park between October 13 and October 15 has caused approximately $1,200 in turf damage. An individual or individuals operated a motor vehicle on wet turf causing rutting, destroying turf and damaging irrigation systems. Vandalism of this type has to be repaired to continue to allow for use by our residents for recreational activities such as children’s soccer, baseball and the Thursday Local Market. This is the second such incident in Undine Park this year. Vandalism and graffiti throughout the Parks & Recreation system results in thousands of dollars of damage on an annual basis and causes undue strain on the City’s budget. Residents are encouraged to report unusual activity, vandalism and graffiti as it is occurring or when it is notice to the Laramie Police Department at (307) 721-2526.