Stitches Acute Care Center Announces Membership Program

In addition to telemedicine, Stitches Acute Care Center is now offering a membership program also known as direct care. Memberships are simple, transparent, low-cost monthly programs that allow a patient unlimited visits to all Stitches Acute Care Centers currently located in Cheyenne, Laramie, and virtually from anywhere through telemedicine.

Say goodbye to deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, our members will never have to worry about those costs, ever.  By eliminating these fees which are in place to disincentivize a patient from seeking care, our members will be more inclined to seek out health care for prevention, wellness, and early disease detection, taking their health care to a whole new level of engagement and motivating them to achieve their healthiest possible life.

This model has been proven to better overall health outcomes, lower medical cost, and improve the patient experience.  A member pays one flat fee per month to obtain unlimited access to his or her health care provider, allowing us to deliver health care to people who need it the most.

In 2017, 11.5% of Wyoming’s citizens did not have health insurance. Compared to the rest of the nation, Wyoming ranks 7th for uninsured. Additionally, according to, “average individual market health insurance premiums in Wyoming are the highest in the country in 2018”. Also of concern, Wyoming has a record of poor prevention leading to national results such as:

  • 50th place for adults without appropriate cancer screening
  • 50th place for young children without recommended vaccinations
  • 49th place for adults without a routine doctor visit in the prior two years
  • 47th for adults without a usual source of medical care.

This membership model is not health insurance.  We know health insurance does not equal access to affordable, quality health care.

According to Senator Enzi, “we need to focus on bringing down high costs so that everyone can have access to the care they need. The rising cost of healthcare in Wyoming and across the nation has passed the point of crisis for many, especially small businesses and working families.”

Health Care in Wyoming is complex. Solutions will be equally complex and multifactorial. As healthcare providers, Stitches Acute Care Center is working towards solutions every day and trying to contribute to a better way.

To learn more or become a member visit