Badger Creek Fire Area Closure lifted in Medicine Bow National Forest

Lack of fire activity in the Badger Creek Fire burn area and consistent moisture in south Albany County has enabled the Medicine Bow National Forest to lift the area closure that has been in effect since mid-June.

The public may access and use the area, however, the Badger Creek Fire may still be smoldering. The majority of the burn area has cooled, but heat may still exist in thick timber stands and deadfall. Smoke has not been visible for several weeks.

Forest staff will continue to monitor the fire as it remains in patrol status and has not been declared fully controlled (out).

Caution is urged in burned areas, as trees may have been weakened by the fire and could easily fall. The burn area will have many ‘snags,’ or standing dead trees that are fire weakened and highly unstable, especially in high winds.

Suppression repair of fire line is ongoing and Forest visitors can expect to see mechanized equipment in the burn area for at least the next few weeks.

The Badger Creek Fire was reported on June 10 and burned 21,310 acres. As has been typical in recent years, Badger Creek is an extended-duration fire that is not expected to be declared controlled until there is a season-ending snow event. Season-ending can be defined as significant snow expected to remain on the ground for the season.

Flash floods and debris flows are a concern when heavy rain develops on the eastern portion of the burn area, in the drainages above the Laramie River. The public is encouraged to listen to weather radios, radio stations and sign-up for the National Weather Service’s Weather Alert notification.