Ivinson Memorial Hospital Launches New Website

Ivinson Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the launch of their new website. Earlier this year, the hospital teamed up with Gridwork, LLC a web design company based in Seattle, WA to redesign the site.

“We believe that this new site will give our patients and families the access they need to find information about our exceptional service lines and providers,” said Holly Zajic, Chief Operating Officer for Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

The goal of the redesign was to create a user-friendly experience enabling the ability to navigate quickly and easily in order to find the desired information. The innovative and responsive website includes: a provider directory, advanced search capabilities, a magazine quality blog, and a separate and integrated microsite for the IMH Foundation. Users will notice the revised sitemap is more advanced compared to previous versions, with the home page consisting of 3 basic ideas – patient care, our providers, and guest info.

 “Our team was forward-thinking when they came up with the design concept. The focus was to improve the functionality for our mobile users and ease the burden on families who use advanced technologies to make informed healthcare decisions,” said Zajic. “We invite you to take a look around and note the exciting changes that are occurring at Ivinson.”