UW Army ROTC Annual Santa Ruck

By: San Francisco Foghorn
On December the 8th, at 5:00 am, we will be conducting the UW Army ROTC annual Santa Ruck. Cadets will be carrying collected donated items in their rucksacks from the IPF, adjacent from war memorial stadium, to the Laramie Soup Kitchen, on the corner of 4th and University Ave., in order to support and serve our community during the holiday season. We have been collecting donation items in room 204 of Wyohall and we will be accepting donations until the morning of the event.
Some of the things that are still needed:
Cooking spray
Fruit cups
Apple sauce cups
Chewy granola bars
Kid packaged snacks (healthy)
Fruit rollups
Coffee (in big bags)
Big drink mixes (like Gatorade)
Salad dressing
Spices (can be opened and already used)
Canned chicken and tuna
Instant rice
Instant potatoes
Butter milk pancake mix
Can take professionally processed food like meat but MUST be professionally processed
The Cadets in charge of the event are Chelsee Dellinger (cdellin1@uwyo.edu) and Joshua Smith (jsmit184@uwyo.edu).