Residents of Albany County Are Invited to Help Launch Family Promise

Photo Courtesy of Family Promise of Albany County for Hits 106.

Think living in your car this winter would be safe for your family?  Residents of Albany County are being invited to help launch Family Promise here, and help get homeless families out of their cars and campgrounds and into a safe environment.

Tuesday, November 28, is Giving Tuesday, and everyone is invited to go to the Family Promise web site and donate as little as $1.  Their web site is as follows:

The goal of this campaign is to raise $15,000, and if only half of the residents of Albany County give $1, that goal will be met.   FPAC has already raised nearly 75% of its launch goal and has nearly everything in place to start, but they need your help with this last push.

Family Promise of Albany County helps families by providing programs, information, and resources to assist them in their journey to a sustainable lifestyle. These resources include:

  • A place for intact families, single fathers or mothers, and families with teenagers to go without being split up
  • Temporary lodging through local congregations
  • Three nutritious meals per day
  • Shower and laundry facilities
  • An environment where families feel safe and can start to build their self-esteem
  • Intensive professional services that lead to success: case management, goal setting, accountability, life skills, parenting, and budgeting
  • An opportunity to build lasting relationships with volunteers and other families
  • An address to use on job applications

Those of you who are Wyoming fans might enjoy the option of donating $3.07 rather than $1.

Please go to to join the fun and “help launch Family Promise.”