Beaver Relocation on Spring Creek

By: Sharon Mollerus

The City of Laramie Parks Division has contracted for professional services to live trap and re-locate beavers from Spring Creek. The location is just east of La Prele Park within the Spring Creek storm drainage canal near the intersection of Spring Creek Drive and 25th Street. Beaver activity in this location could produced damage to surrounding trees and shrubs.

Beaver activity at this location could potentially cause flooding downstream by holding water and potentially blocking other drainage structures if the beaver dam material where to wash out during a high-water event. Parks staff has secured/treated nearby trees to reduce the likelihood of damage until the relocation can occur.

Trappers will place live traps at or near the site to remove the beaver(s) and relocate them to a suitable habitat. Signage will be placed at the location to warn the public of the hazard to pets and children. Please avoid these areas until the process is completed.

For further information please contact Todd Feezer, Parks and Recreation Director at 721-5269; or Keith Wardlaw, Mosquito Control Supervisor at 721-5258;