Severe Weather Impacts

Photo Credit: Dee Bott

**UPDATE 7:25 pm – the evacuation order is expected to continue for another 2-4 hours.

Residents are discouraged from utilizing their own methods to remove fallen trees and branches.  Please contact the Laramie Police Department – Dispatch at (307) 721-2526 to report any major damages, fallen trees or branches obstructing roadways.  The City of Laramie has crews out clearing obstructions from roadways.

Trees that have fallen and pulled root balls are dangerous as root tension can still be present causing a whipping action as the tree is dismembered.  This whipping action can bind tools and throw debris causing injury and further damage.  Fallen branches in roadways may have other branches falling in the same area causing danger for those working under these trees.  Please leave this work to the professionals.

Severe Weather rolled through Laramie late this afternoon leaving behind substantial impacts.

Tree branches and in many cases full trees are down and some of them blocking traffic.  City crews will be working to clear streets.

The Laramie Police Department has requested evacuation due to a significant natural gas leak on Lyons. Effected residences are between Shields and Reynolds and 9th 11th. Citizens in need of shelter should go to the recreation Center at 920 Boulder Drive. If you need evacuation assistance call (307) 721-2526.

Rocky Mountain Power is reporting 39 outages in Laramie impacting 3,841 customers.


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