Counterfeit Currency in Laramie

Photo taken by: Laramie Police Department

The Laramie Police Department has responded to two separate calls where very distinctive counterfeit currency has been recovered.  The counterfeit $50 dollar and $100 dollar bills have colorful emblems and Chinese symbols or letters on them.  They do not have the watermark that is found on real U.S. Currency.

No suspect(s) has been identified and the investigation is ongoing.  If someone tries to give you one of these counterfeit bills, you should call the non-emergency Police Dispatch number, (307) 721- 2526, to file a report.

Our thanks to a professor from the University of Wyoming who helped us figure out what is written on these bills, which led to some information about their origin.

They are apparently “Practice Notes”. They are a copy of a U.S. $50 bill used to teach bank tellers in China the characteristics of the U.S. currency.


The investigation into who is responsible for them being circulated in Laramie is ongoing.

Photo taken by: Laramie Police Department

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