LaBonte  Park – Replatting  (Lakefront Subdivision)

Laramie, WyomingThe City will begin the final process of the replat of LaBonte Park and surrounding City buildings.   The replat  will complete a project started in 2013 and will create nine (9)  lots representing existing structures and land uses of City-owned property within the block bounded by Shield, 9th, Canby and 4th Streets.  The replat will be accomplished by vacating the underlying plat (lots and undeveloped streets and alleys) and replatting it as part of the Lakefront Subdivision.  LaBonte Park will not be modified, changed, sold or redeveloped with this replat.

Notice will be sent to area residents and published in the Laramie Boomerang in upcoming weeks. Planning staff expects this item to be considered by the Planning Commission at their June 12th Planning Commission meeting and by the City Council at their  July 5th  meeting.   Additional information will be available online in the City’s Agenda Center ( approximately a week prior to the meeting.