Fun Facts and Famous Birthdays

Today’s Fun Facts:

Today is Hot Chocolate Day and Hug an Economist Day.

Today’s number of the day:  165.  That’s the number of tons of plastic in the world’s oceans.

Today in History:

Avatar became the first film to gross over $2 billion worldwide on January 31st, 2010.

On this date in 2005 the child molestation trial of superstar Michael Jackson began in California.

On this date in 1930 3M introduced Scotch Tape.

Famous Birthdays:

The late Jackie Robinson was born on this date in 1919.  He was the first African American baseball player in the major leagues and won a World Series with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955.

Actress Jessica Walters is 76 today. She voices the character, “Malory Archer” on the TV show, “Archer.”

And pop singer Justin Timberlake was born on January 31st, 1981. He is well known as a former member of boy band, NSYNC and for this solo career.