Wyoming’s 3 Electoral Votes go to Trump

By: Marc Nozell

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming’s three electoral votes have formally been cast for Republican Donald Trump.

In a 22-minute ceremony Monday at the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office, the electors cast their votes while Gov. Matt Mead and others watched.

The voting was mostly ceremonial because state law does not allow electors the freedom to cast their vote for anyone but the candidate who won Wyoming’s popular vote in the presidential election.

Trump easily beat Clinton, winning about 70 percent of the Wyoming vote.

The Electoral College has 538 members.

Some interest groups attempted to persuade electors to not vote for Trump.

Wyoming elector Karl Allred, of Evanston, says he felt harassed by the emails and phone calls he received. Allred says it would’ve been unethical for him not to vote for Trump.