ACPE and Double Dub’s Team Up to Help Local Family

Photo Courtesy of ACPE Federal Credit Union and Double Dub's.

Recently ACPE Federal Credit Union partnered with Weitzel’s Wings aka Double Dub’s Food Truck, in their parking lot, to raise money for the Bigg’s family.

The Bigg’s family’s young son is currently hospitalized and undergoing cancer treatment, and Double Dub’s owner Trent Weitzel has been instrumental organizing community fundraisers to help offset those costs for the family.

APCE Federal Credit Union matched 25% of Double Dub’s sales while the truck was there Friday, March 25th. The event resulted in a $370 donation from the credit union in addition to $210 in direct donations from community members during those 2 hours.

ACPE President and CEO Marcia Dent said, “Especially at times like this, I am very proud of our community and how they come together to help others!”  ACPE would like to thank Trent, Double Dub’s and the Laramie community for their incredible support of this fundraiser and local business.