30th and Harney Intersection to be Completed Today

Photo Courtesy of John P. Campbell for Hits 106.

Work at intersection of 30th and Harney will be completed Thursday afternoon, August 27th with the intersection at 30th & Harney scheduled to re-open Friday, August 28th.

Upon opening of the 30th & Harney Streets intersection, work on the sewer line will move northward to the intersection of 30th & Reynolds Street. The second phase of the project is expected to last roughly two weeks with the 30th & Reynolds intersection scheduled to reopen Wednesday, September 16th.

Traffic Routing is as follows:

• North-bound traffic on 30th will be routed at Harney Street to 22nd Street and north on 22nd Street to Reynolds.
• South-bound traffic on 30th will be routed to Reynolds to 22nd Street to Harney Street and south on 30th Street.
• East-bound traffic on Reynolds Street will be routed at 22nd Street and south to Harney Street.

The project at 30th and Harney is for installation of a sewer line down Grays Gable from Duna Drive to 30th Street, and to up-size a line in 30th Street from Grays Gable to Reynolds Street.  The construction project is scheduled to be complete at the end of September.

Simon Contractors and city staff thank residents for their patience and recognize the impact of the project on daily commutes.