Closure: Greenbelt Loop Trail from the Optimist Park Parking Lot to Park Street

Photo Courtesy of the Laramie Parks and Recreation Department.

The City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department has closed the Greenbelt Loop Trail from the Optimist Park Trailhead to Park Street.

The City of Laramie Public Works will begin creating an earthen berm that will be constructed over the Greenbelt Trail at the west end of Park Street to reduce the threat of potential flooding to protect homes and ensure public safety.

This action is a response to current weather predications and runoff indicators which the City of Laramie and Albany County EMA have been monitoring. The rising flows on the Laramie River are predicted to reach minor flood stage by 3pm on Friday June 5, 2015.

Please do not attempt to cross the barriers and the earthen berm to access the closed trail due to safety concerns.