Busy as a Bee

Photo Courtesy of Rene Sollars.
Photo Courtesy of Rene Sollars
Photo Courtesy of Rene Sollars

Waggle, waggle, waggle.  Turn to the right.  Waggle, waggle, waggle.  Turn to the left.  What does all that mean?  Well in bee-speak it means, “Hey sisters, there’s a really nice patch of dandelions 5 doors to the south!

Two Laramie beekeepers will be opening their bee yards to the public on Saturday, June 21st beginning at 9:00 am for the first Laramie Local Foods Bee Hive Hop.  Event organizers are excited to share their fascination with the world of the honey bee with other folks that might be interested in learning more.

Honey bees, like many native bees, are on the decline.  That has many folks interested in helping out these little workers by providing habitat and taking up the hobby of beekeeping.  There are currently approximately 15-20 hives in and around the Laramie area.  Local beekeeper Rene Sollars says “Hobby beekeepers may not save the honey bee by increasing their population in ways that will remedy the losses seen due to colony collapse disorder, but every hobby beekeeper knows 10 people, or 20 people that will become more curious, more interested, more sensitiveto their environment and the needs of pollinators because of these hobby hives.  That’s how we’re going to make a difference in this issue.”

Sollar began beekeeping in 2012 with two top bar hives in her yard.  She is eager to welcome interested folks into her yard as one of the stops on the tour.  If you would like to participate in the Bee Hive Hop, join the swarm at LaBonte Park Community Garden at 9:00 am on Saturday, June 21st.  From there the tour will visit Sollars’ yard and then the yard of Bruce Embury, another local hobby beekeeper with the traditional Langstroth hive style in his more rural yard.

The tour is free and should be a great opportunity for curious folks to learn more about this fascinating hobby.If you would like more information about the Hop or if you have beekeeping questions, you may contact Rene Sollars at 760-3973.