People Outside UW Can Access Faculty Listserv Posts

By: Sarah Marriage

People outside the University of Wyoming now have the ability to observe posts on the UW faculty listserv.

The email listserv, which is administered by the UW Faculty Senate, is intended to provide an open forum for faculty members to raise and discuss any issues or questions related to UW, academics or similar topics. UW employees may subscribe and unsubscribe to the listserv at

Because posts to the faculty listserv are public records and subject to disclosure under Wyoming law — and because of interest expressed by outside entities to have access to listserv discussions — the university and Faculty Senate leaders have agreed to allow people from any location to see posts on the listserv, without special request. They may do so at

UW and Faculty Senate leaders ask those who use the listserv to avoid posting information about individual students, personnel matters or research. Other previous rules for users of the listserv also remain in place: It may not to be used for political purposes, advertising or other commercial purposes; and any person sending improper, rude or inappropriate messages may be removed by the manager.